Samsung Galaxy S3 - looping Samsung message and blank screen due to too much data in the phone

Kelly Norris

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Dec 15, 2014
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Hi everyone. I have read a few of the threads in the forum and I'm really confused so thought I'd create my own.

I really don't know much of the technical jargon so please be patient with me.

]My problem: My Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I9300 keeps looping on the Samsung screen. The screen displays the logo, then goes black, then displays the logo again, then goes black, etc.

This problem occurred when: my phone had a warning message that the memory in the phone was becoming full and that I needed to free some space (I don't know if these were the exact words...). I unfortunately was at work and the wifi clicked into place and starting doing automatic updates to the apps and therefore took more memory/space before I had time to transfer info out of the phone.

I haven't backed it up to anything and I don't want to lose the data. I don't have a SD card. II know nothing about the programs to update etc.
I know all of these are big no-no's but is there anyway of recovering this data? Especially the pictures. I'm desperate.

I have tried the following:
1. Taking the battery out
2. Holding down the power button and pressing several times
3. Hooking it up to a computer (the computer says 'Camera selected' then it says 'select the program to launch for this action' but there are no programs in the list and the 'OK' button is not available).

So I followed the advice on one of the posts to press the power, middle button, and volume up button to get to recovery mode.

It displays 6 options with some extra info next to the little andriod man on his back with the red '!' coming from his chest

-- Appling Multi-CSC...
Applied the CSC-code : THR
Successfully applied multi-CSC.

Does anybody know what to do. How do I 'tip data out' to make it work again?

Please help :(

A friend suggested putting in an SD card to help free some data??? I don't know if this will work at this stage.

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