Samsung Galaxy S4 Model - unlocked for Verizon & AT&. Where can I find one?T


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Model - unlocked for Verizon & att

I am looking for an unlocked Galaxy S4 (or similar) for my mother. She has a StraightTalk account.

Today she has an S3 unlocked for AT&T, but AT&T coverage is very poor in her area at this moment until they get the AT&T tower in her town completed.

Verizon is better for now until they get that AT&T tower finished.

I want to buy her a Samsung Galaxy S4 (or equiv) that is unlocked for US CDMA/LTE (Verizon) AND unlocked for US GSM/LTE (AT&T).

From my understanding her StraightTalk SIM kit contains SIM cards (or CDMA activation codes) so that a phone can operate on either 1 of the 4 major US carriers. (SPR/VRZ/TMB/AT&T)

I want to activate her phone onto Verizon Network (via StraightTalk) until they get the AT&T tower finished in her town.
Is there a Samsung GS4 (or similar) phone model that has this capability ?

I need an unlocked smartphone that works on both Verizon-3G-CDMA/4G-LTE and AT&T-3G-GSM/4G-LTE so that I can have it setup on ST for either network operator. We already have the multiple SIM-card kit from StraightTalk, just thought I would switch her over to the Verizon card for now until sometime later then switch back to AT&T when their tower is up and running.