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samsung galaxy s4 no hotspot is it possible to mirror screen to TV using my cell network no wifi?


AC Question

The chromecast has already been set up with a Wifi network only I no longer have access to it. I can watch anything on my phone using my cellular data but I would still like to mirror it to my smart TVs. I have been unable to without access to Wifi. Since I have unlimited data I cannot create my own portable hot spot. Please any help would b greatly appreciated


Moderator Team Leader
Apr 17, 2012
You have to have the Chromecast on a wifi network and your phone needs to be on that network to cast the screen.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
But the router shouldn't need internet access once the Chromecast dongle has been set up. So any cheap wifi access point or router should work. (Even an old 802.11G, which you can probably find used for a few bucks - you only need about 6mbps for TV.)