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Samsung Galaxy S5 - Has it been used / for how long?


AC Question


Is there a way to tell when a S5 was first activated or how long it has been in use? If so, is this something that is reset after a factory reset?

Background to my query...

I'm bidding on eBay for a Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the seller, it is "brand new". Apparently it is an insurance replacement device which has never been used.

However, when I looked closer at the posted pictures, the pins on the charger are heavily scored, suggesting is has seen quite a lot of use.

I first asked the seller (who is not a business seller) if the phone was truly "brand new". They replied quickly, repeated the description back to me regarding it being an insurance replacement direct from a well known retailer.

So, I pointed out the fact that the charger had clearly seen a lot of use, and could they offer an explanation for this? Some time has passed, and they have not offered a reply.

I don't mind if it has been used, so long as it has been well looked after and has no visible signs of wear & tear. Obviously, I'm more likely to bid more for a truly unused device than one that has had extensive battery use.

Ergo, if I do end up the winning bidder, I'd like to be able to prove one way or another if the device has been in use for minutes, days, months, or years.