Samsung Galaxy S6 Fell Down and the Screen is Black


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Feb 2, 2017
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Hi all.
My Samsung Galaxy S6 fell down on the stone and the screen goes black with blue light slow blinking.
I try many time to hard reset it by volume down+home+power button and every 7 seconds the left side of the screen turn on for a moment.
I also try to connect it to PC and it have some reactions for installing the driver but I can't see the mobile memory in PC!
After that I connect the phone to the charger, first the light goes to orange and after I disconnect it the light goes off .

Now the only reaction of the phone is blinking the left side on screen by hard reset for a moment .

Could you please help me by other solutions ?

Jason Cockerham

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Dec 9, 2010
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It sounds like the phone may have been damaged. If you feel comfortable, you could try a process called rooting the device which would allow you to reinstall the software to the phone, but there's not guarantee that will work. I would also suggest you contact the place where you purchased the device to see about any sort of warranty or repair options.