Samsung Galaxy S6 picture quality issue


AC Question

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6
OS: Android 6.0.1

Issue: pictures quality, 80% of the time the camera doesn't take quality pictures. it's totally random, sometimes it's good sometime it's not. I tried to attach screen grabs but it won't let me submit the question with the links inside of my question...

what I'm doing when it happens: every time that happens - I clear device storage cache
- reset camera settings
- clear camera cache
- restart the phone
Sometimes it helps sometimes not, the issue remains 50/50 chance.

what was done with the device: 3 months ago I changed the phone to a new one by the warranty. 3 months it was doing fine and I thought the issue was in the phone. Now the issue is back to my new phone. Does anybody know what it is and how to fix it?