Samsung Galaxy S7 Default Clock App Issue

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Hi Guys,

I hope someone can help me, I feel my phone has a mind of itself and its making me go crazy!

On Wednesday (8/1/12) I set my alarm for 530am for Thursday morning (using the default clock app on my Samsung Galaxy s7). The alarm went off and I decided to have an extra 15min sleep and put the alarm on for 545am. I believe I turned off the 530am alarm when I swiped left or right as you can and then I unlocked my phone. When I got up, before the 545am alarm went off, after about an hour I had noticed that the 530am alarm was still on, but it was scheduled for the next day (530am for Friday Morning). How Is this possible if it got turned off when I woke up? This just doesn’t make sense. I had noticed this as the little clock symbol was up in the top right hand corner of the phone, so I opened the Clock app and noticed that the alarm was set for 05:30 for Friday morning.

Any help would be much appreciated as I feel like I’m going crazy with all this technology.

Thanks guys

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