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Samsung galaxy S7 problem

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Hi. I'd like some help with my S7. Basically, under pretty heavy usage, the phone heats up. the left side of the Phone is heating up like crazy, the phone freezes, then it keeps rebooting. And by that i mean it boots up, i can do anything with it for 2 minutes, then it reboots. I tried letting it cool down. I booted it up, it just rebooted after overheating again.i tried cleaning the cache, completely formatting it, almost anything that you could posibly think of. Lastly, it got stuck in a bootloop, and i left it at that. The battery completely drained, and the next morning it was functioning ok. Up until now, when it does the exact same thing. This is happening from the past 7 days only and as soon as I arrived in Hawaii. I will be here for 2 months. Many people suggested me to visit mobile repairing store such as TCAWireless and a few other. I am helpless. Can anyone help me? has anyone encountered this problem before?


Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
It sounds like a battery or hardware problem, but I’ll move this to S7 for comments.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Check your battery menu to see if any app is using an inordinate amount of battery -- that could mean the app is malfunctioning and "going rogue," causing overheating and a shutdown in order to prevent damage.

Also, how's your cell signal? If it's poor, that can also cause the phone to heat up and use battery as it tries to maintain the signal.

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