Samsung Galaxy S7 running extremely slow, draining battery fast, and how to backup files

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My Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone is running extremely slow at times. When I unlock it, screen will go off, when a call comes in, it doesn't display who's calling until it gets to the point of going to voicemail, and when the screen is on, it can be extremely slow. Especially when I plug it in to charge.

I know a factory reset should be done, but the last time I did that, I lost all of my contacts, text messages and even custom sounds I downloaded for my phone. How would I back up all of these things? Also, what folder do I find the sound files in?

I downloaded a notification sound from Zedge a while back and when I was running some clean up thing on my phone, I deleted it, however I still hear the sound. That's why I need to know where to find the files at.

Lastly, the phone is paid off now and is eligible to be unlocked. I'm currently with AT&T and looking to switch over to a service such as cricket wireless so that I can cut my wireless bill. How would I go about unlocking the phone?

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