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So yesterday my phone wouldn't charge because of moisture detection, even though I spent over an hour "drying" the port. Well I did the "reboot and connect charger" hack so I could go to sleep, and when I woke up today the phone wouldn't charge. At all.

I was afraid that i damaged the phone, but when I plugged it in anywhere else it worked fine. The same cable worked, same power output, everything. The only thing that would not work was the adapter. Every time I try to plug in the phone using the same adapter, I get the moisture warning. When I reboot it instantly goes away and charging works fine with any other adapter. Has the phone remembered the adapter somehow and marked it as dysfunctional? This makes no sense to me.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it possible to make the phone "forget" the adapter? The adapter works fine with any other electronics product. I am from Hawaii and before going to any store i wanted to ask this. People here suggesting me to visit places like TCAWireless and few other stores. Should I go? Please help.