Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 shuts down when battery charges drops to 80%


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Oct 30, 2019
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My Galaxy Tab 3 should run on a full battery charge for longer. However it shuts down when the battery level has dropped to 85% - 80% or so. The unit runs indefinitely when connected to its charger, which is reassuring. But on battery alone it only lasts 15 - 20 minutes if that.

This unit had a replacement battery installed 8 months ago. So there's a chance the new battery was no good off the shelf. I'll try another replacement battery, and report back.

Question: shouldn't this Tab 3 still be operating when battery level is down to 35% -30% ?


Jul 14, 2011
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That's very likely a battery issue. It's not reporting the charge correctly or it's damaged, causing the power to actually be depleted or 'not available' (if the 'bottom' part of the cell is damaged) below the 80% you mention.

And yes, your tablet should be operating (if you have a good battery) even below 5% (I believe the circuitry shuts it down for safety at 2% but might have that number wrong).