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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - SM-T210r Version Questions


New member
Sep 15, 2015
Hey guys.

I'm new here, but I have read stuff on these forums for quite some time, and it's often been helpful.

I bought a tablet on ebay with a broken charging port, as the description said, so that was no surprise.

However, there are a couple issues with this, and I need some advice to figure out what to do.

1.) It appears that someone has tried to solder/resolder the port previously, but they didn't do a good job, there isn't enough solder, and the metal of the port appears slightly burned.

2.) Of course it doesn't charge.

3.) There was no charge whatsoever in the battery, so I have no idea if the entire unit is a dud. I have a tab 2 10.1 inch, with the same battery connector that goes into the Motherboard/logic board, but of course they are different amperage or whatever you call it.

Here is what I have tried: A bunch of different cables in the charging port - NOTHING

I took the battery out of the tab 3, put it in the tab 2, used that tab 2 charger, which is a different connector as well, and the tab comes on, shows a battery symbol for about 2 seconds, and then turns off again, no charge. I'm not surprised, as the battery was plugged into the tab 2, and of course wouldn't really be enough voltage, but I thought maybe it could charge the battery anyway.

I took the battery out of the larger tab 2, and slid the connector into the smaller tab 3 with the broken port, as the tab 2 battery has 70% charge. The smaller tablet won't even make a buzz or vibrate like the other tablets I own. This is ok too, perhaps it comes down to the different power/electrical requirements, but I don't know. I'm no expert. I'm a youtube computer technician. lol. I get all my advice from youtube videos, but I always watch dozens before doing anything, except the battery thing was my idea.

Now, I want to know, did the switching of batteries simply not work because of the different requirements and output of each battery, or is the t210r (The smaller tab 3) - a DUD?

Is there an easy or non expensive way to figure this out? I don't want to have to wait for another battery, which may not be the issue. I also need to watch for the usb charging port, and the other equipment I need, to resolder, etc. I don't want to waste time and money if this thing is a dud. I do not have another t210r to figure this out. Is there ANYTHING else that I can try? Is this hopeless?