Samsung Galaxy Tab Restart Loop


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Aug 3, 2016
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I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab 2-P3100 which keeps restarting every 15 seconds,Firstly its boots up and stays on for 15-20 seconds and restarts again here are the steps i performed and IT DID NOT WORK
1.Removed he Micro SD card and Sim card and tried.
2.While the tab stays up for 15-20 seconds i tried Settings->Backup and Reset>Reset did this very quickly as possible still boots up to my old settings.
3.Tried going into Settings->Application Manager and removed a few apps in each session and even though it shows successfully uninstalled,they come back on after every restart.
4.Tried installing Kies software and connecting it to PC but before it recognizes the connected device it restarts again.
5.Went into Android boot menu(Press Power+Volume up while it reboots) tried to clear the cache and did factory reset which shows successful but when my tab reboots nothing seems to have changed including my home screen and settings.
6.Also went into Android download mode(press Power+Volume Down while it reboots) and connected it to my PC where i installed ODIN software and downloaded the TAR image and tried to flash(by selecting image and clicking start on ODIN window), after a few seconds(15-20) it shows "RESET!" (instead of PASS) message.
7.Also tried to load image from (advanced boot options menu) memory card (selected apply image from external storage) bot CWN and TWRP files give error "E:Signature verification failed".
When contacted Samsung service center they said the RAM is corrupted and need to replace it but they cannot find a spare for this device,on my pressure they kept my tab for a few days after which the service center guy called me up and told me that the its a Motherboard issue and replacing it would work,However he said charge for new motherboard is Rs.7500, Which means he didn't figure it out himself and anybody would reject his proposed bill with which i can get a new tab.
I have checked all over internet regarding this issue but seems nobody has got its fix.

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