Samsung gallery app separates your media into to make it the same in google photos?

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My Samsung gallery app seems to separate all my media automatically into folders. For eg, whatever picture or video I take on my phone goes to camera roll, but if I download an Instagram video for eg, it automatically creates a separate folder for this ("instasaver") or it creates a "WhatsApp videos" and "WhatsApp pictures" folder where it stores all the pictures and videos I have received from WhatsApp.

Google photos on the other hand does no such thing and all my stuff is a huge mess of pictures/videos I have taken personally, and of stuff I have saved or of WhatsApp videos/pictures people have sent me. Is there a way to get google photos to have the same folders as Samsung gallery? Now all my stuff in google photos is a big mess...I would really like it to be like gallery where it separates the stuff I have taken from the stuff I've downloaded or received... but now it's too much work to go through everything manually..

Any advice? Hope this makes sense!!


Jul 14, 2011
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Correct, because that's how Photos works. You can create Albums, but those aren't actually folders, just referenced-copies of your pictures. You can still see the folders in your local phone in Photos by showing Device Folders, but everything backed up to Photos will be lumped into a big repository which you can then assign to as many Albums as you want.

I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is the way it is.


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May 22, 2015
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Thanks for your reply! I opened Google Photos on my phone and yes, I can see the folders in my phone sorted into "camera", "WhatsApp Images"," WhatsApp videos" there any way to see this on a desktop?

I am switching phones, and when I transferred all my media over to the new phone, there are no more folders to separate my media, it's just one big mess of media. Is there any way I can see the separate folders like I can in google photos on my old phone?


B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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It depends on what directory all of the photos were copied to. If they're all in one directory, then they'll only show up in one folder in Google Photos. You'd have to create new directories that duplicate your previous folders, then move your photos into the appropriate directories using a file manager app.

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