Samsung Gear Live and Note 4 compatibility issues with receiving calls?


Jan 22, 2014
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I have a Samsung Note 4 and a Samsung Gear Live. Everything works perfect...except when you get a call you can only hang up or send a pre determined message... but swiping right, SHOULD answer the call on your phone...AND IT DOESN'T! I've already tried it with 2 different Note 4 phones and NOTHING!...then I tried it with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it works perfect!...Samsung has NO IDEA about this issue!! They wanted me to send the watch over for repair, but now that I found out with the issue is (note 4 and galaxy live don't like each other) I wonder if anyone is experiencing this with their Note4 and/or know how to solve the issue. I don't see a point in sending it to Samsung because what they need to do is either put an update to the watch or the phone so they can work together...what do I do!! :( all help is appreciated, thanks