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Oct 5, 2017
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Gear S in 2018.


*May 2018 it’s still worth picking up!

*pairs great with my Note 8

*able to respond to texts/type back with out getting phone out.

*heart rate monitor works good

*pedometer great

*like the UV sensor indicator (no other smart watch has it bragging rights!)

*beautiful bright clear screen

*surprisingly very functional

Really wish Samsung would go back to this form factor for a smart watch!


· Wish I could still get Opera Mini web browser.

· 300 ma battery. Means charging every night. But I do make it with room to spare every day.

Yes it is still a great watch even here in May 2018!

So I picked up a used Samsung Gear S about 2 weeks ago now for $70.00

I was looking into the Gear S3 but after trying one on at Best Buy.

I really didn’t like how it stuck out on my wrist. I also didn’t really want to spend over $300.00.

I have a regular watch from Boluva.

That is pretty big on the wrist. I wanted something that was lower and sleeker.

I always catch/snag things with my old watch.

So tried on the Gear fit 2 pro. I loved how it curved around the wrist. Just fit better.

(I ended up purchasing one for my wife, she loves it)

That’s how I got to searching on You Tube and found videos of the Gear S.

So once looking into it more I decided since they don’t make the Gear S anymore. I’ll find one used.

I must say. I love it! I have a Samsung Note 8. It pairs perfectly with the Gear S.

I love the text notifications, the ability to actually respond/text type back from the Gear S

Instead of getting out my Note 8 is just awesome! I have not bothered to put in a sim card. Just use the

Blue tooth function/wifi. It is also nice to take or make a phone call with out having to get the phone

Out of your pocket. Surprisingly the speaker is amazingly very loud for this thing.

I am also amazed at how many people comment on the Gear S on my wrist. They comment on how they

like how sleek looking and how it curves to the wrist. They are amazed this thing

Came out in 2014. They can’t believe how much you can actually do with it.

Why Samsung veered away from this style is beyond me. It’s unique to anything else out there.

The only thing I wish I could still find is the OPERA Mini web browser.

Other than that. I have no complaints with this Gear S. It is the best $70.00 I have spent.

I just wanted to write this for anyone looking for a really good smart watch that doesn’t want to spend

A lot of money. Heck on e-bay and amazon you can find some really good used, some new still in box for less than $160!

In my opinion. Yes the Gear S is still very much worth picking up in 2018!

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