Samsung J6 (2018) missing settings compared to other of the same handset

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Purchased a Galaxy J6 about 3 weeks ago, SIM free from Very, a work colleague also got the same phone from Very the only difference is, His had the Wi-Fi calling option and NFC payment option on his pull down menu but my phone hasn't got either of them option on the entire phone.
I live in a dead area and always always need to have the Wi-Fi calling option on.
Of course I done my research before I got the phone and it says the option is on there.
I've been on the phone to 3 and Samsung for the last couple of days and no one seems to have any idea what to do. I've popped Into a shop that a friend owns, he's got a J6 also and his phone doesn't support Wi-Fi calling either but does have the NFC payment option.

Do anyone think Samsung have slipped up somewhere on this model? And does anyone have any advise? I've restored the phone and still the same, very have refused to take it back because it's been turned on. The software is up to date also. And the Samsung repair centre centre says there is nothing they can do.

Thanks for listening guys