Samsung J7 vs Jeep/Chrysler uconnect


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Apr 19, 2018
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I bought a new Jeep Gr Cherokee in 2015. I was properly impressed with the new in-vehicle media/screen/uconnect technology with which I had no problems...then. I was able to pair my phones and media devices which all worked properly. Since then however, uconnect has apparently updated it's software (I was told) so as to make my Samsung J7 phone and/or app software improperly operate, or inoperable. I called Chrysler/Jeep uconnect for answers and was told that SINCE THEIR SOFTWARE UPDATE I needed certain software that my 2015 Jeep did not have, or that I could go to another software company to buy an upgrade which effectively replaced/modified Jeep's uconnect technology so that my J7 software would work as intended, the way it did before the so called software update. That "other company's" software typically cost about $400-$500. It makes me wonder who's in cahoots with who. Otherwise I discovered that I could disable (Bluetooth) uconnect altogether which would allow my Android software to operate but then I could not pair my Galaxy J7 phone with uconnect....thereby leaving me with virtually useless technology in my Jeep FOR THE VOICE AUDIO GOOGLE "MAPS" APP ROAD DIRECTIONS which is now consequently inoperable.
So I suppose you could say there is a solution to the Jeep problem I have, but then I didn't get what I paid for from the Jeep/Chrysler dealership in a car less than 3 years old. I will not concede that technology has therefore left me behind.....rather in my opinion Jeep/Chrysler it seems, has not/will not keep pace with that technology, leaving it's customers to pay for its own inadequacy(s). If anyone has another opinion, or solution, I'll be glad if you can let me know. :(

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