Samsung Note 2 wont power on and stay on unless plugged in to charger


AC Question


Im having this issue with my samsung note 2. I've had it for awhile now and dont want to give up on it just yet. It just stopped working on me a month ago and i've looked up other posts but nothing seems to help.

I notiThe day it started doing this I was skyping with my sister and i felt the back of the phone heating up abit so just as i was about to end the call the phone shut off and was stuck in a boot loop when i wanted to switch it on again. I decided to take the case off and let it cool down before trying to switch it on again. After a few hours I tried switching it on and it was just stuck in the boot loop. I took the battery out, reinserted it but still stuck on boot loop. Then i noticed if i plugged in the charger it would switch on and work fine. Once the battery got to 100% i unplugged it and noticed that it would stay on for 2 seconds, the network would drop out completely and right after the phone just goes blank, and then goes back into the boot loop.

Thinking that maybe it was the battery i purchased a new one off ebay and it worked for half the day before it started doing the same thing again. Now the only way i can use my phone is to leave it plugged in with the charger. I got no clue what else i can try so any ideas would be really helpful.

If not i might need to say goodbye to this phone.