Samsung Note 4 : Brand New.. Fast Battery Drain. Why?


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Samsung Note 4 : Brand New... Fast Battery Drain

Recently bought a Samsung Note 4 (Voda) network. The Phone itself is great, runs smoothly and I'm 100% happy with the phone purchase I've made. On the day the store clerk set up everything on the phone, and allowed me to sign into various apps (samsung/google etc)

I have been looking through forum threads and reading battery life guides on this forum. Some users report 12 hours + battery life on their note 4.... well my battery lasts approx. 4 hours before it needs a recharge. When I'm browsing through the phone I can see the %'s drop every minute.

I installed battery doctor, which noted I had 17 hours left.... which was untrue as the hours began to drop minutes after it ran.....

I have factory reset the phone, I have removed my Micro SD card (I thought this may have caused issues). I have cleared the cache partition.

Someone recommended to download GSAM on one of the forums. I did this, but all it did was tell me how much battery life I have left.

My question is, could the phone be faulty? Should I return it? The Phone is 3 days old.


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Jun 10, 2014
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Re: Samsung Note 4 : Brand New... Fast Battery Drain

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Yes, return it. You've paid for the warranty, so don't hesitate to use it.

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