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Samsung Note 8 sd card problems. Afraid to move internal pictures.

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All of my pictures are going to internal storage. I just noticed this, & have already created many folders.
1) I know how to move my existing folders over, but several years back on a different phone, all of the original dates were messed up. Will this happen again? 2) How to then permanently make future pictures/videos go directly to sd card. (I thought they already were.) Thanks


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Feb 12, 2012
1. The dates you see are the last modified dates. When you make a copy, that's modifying, so if you move them today, they'll have today's date.

The fix for that is an app like iTag Music Editor - It can change the file date to the date of the EXIF date that's stored inside the picture when you take it.

2. Check the camera app's settings. Most of them have a setting for where to save the pictures. (Make sure you back up the pictures to Google, some other cloud account and/or a PC. It's not a matter of whether the SD card will fail, but when​ it will fail.