Samsung Note Edge, defective screen


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Hi there, I have purchased Samsung Note Edge last year. It worked fine until February then it got one thin hairline vertical line in the middle of the screen, it was there for a week and disappeared. Then came and become 2 lines, after few weeks the screen had 5 lines, I was under the impression that it will be covered under warranty as HTC repaired my brother's phone when his phone screen got blacked out. In May my phone got like 50 vertical lines on the screen, reset but no use. When I went to Samsung Service center in Kukatpally, the representative said it can't be covered under warranty as the screen is pixellated, I have sent an email to the executive team of Samsung with reference # 2135672812 , they told me over the phone that I must be dropped the phone that's why the lines came so not covered under warranty...This is my first Samsung phone and experienced this kind of an issue...Samsung is such a big company but can't correct there manufacturing defects , the works fine but only the lines making little making it look bad. one of my colleague did not buy Samsung S7 edge because he feared of experiencing the same defect...the vertical lines are pink the middle and green on the right side...I will use it and let the people see this defect from Samsung phones..


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Jan 26, 2013
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Did you drop the phone? Is there damage on the phone that may indicate it's been dropped? If you never dropped the phone, then you should try contacting Samsung again before your 1 year warranty runs out. They may have you send it in for evaluation.