Samsung S3 mini power button and/or battery problems???!!


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Dec 14, 2013
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My brother works at a phone store, and found this phone in the 'broken' bin, but he fixed it, saying the power button was a bit weird, but everything else was ok. Right after I picked it up, it seemed that the power button would sometimes get stuck pressing down, making the phone keep restarting over and over, never getting past the initial loading screens, or just not start up at all. After some fiddling, it went fine for a few days. Then, just yesterday, it randomly turned off and I couldn't get it on again. It was the same problem too. And even when the power button seemed to be clicking fine, it either wouldn't turn on, or would turn on for a second or two and then turn off. My brother said it might be a bit water logged, which makes sense, but I'm really hoping there's a way to fix this cos I really like this phone and it cost me nothing (so I guess I got what I didn't pay for lol).

And just before, I was trying to fix it, clicking the power button, seeing it start up, then turn off. Then it randomly just vibrated non-stop really violently, til I pulled the battery out. What's going on with this??! It's so possessed! If anyone can help me out that'd be greatly appreciated. :D