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Samsung S3 touch screen unresponsive and went black. Laptop wont detect too.

Aizat Tajudin

New member
Jul 14, 2014
Ok here's the thing. Earlier today my S3 touch screen was unresponsive to touch. When connected to the laptop, the laptop did not detect it but instead it went charging. Then I did this to rectify the problem:

Hold down the volume (down) + power + home button = set the the phone to download some software so that the laptop can detect the phone. NOTHING HAPPENED.

Minutes later when I rebooted the phone, the screen was dead (all black and still unresponsive to touch) and my laptop still wont detect my phone. I know my phone is functioning because it will ring when someone calls. Its just the screen. What should I do?

I need to recover stuff from my phone but my laptop wont detect it and I cant do anything with an UNRESPONSIVE BLACK SCREEN. I've reached an impasse. PLEASE HELP.:':)':)'(


Trusted Member Team Leader
Dec 4, 2012
Is there a lock on the device? If so, you can't get in the phone.

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