Samsung S4 Google Play Edition. Will it be upgraded to M? If not, can I do it myself?


Jul 15, 2013
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Hi all. I've been waiting - hoping - for the Android 6.0 update to my Samsung S4 GPE phone. I did get an update just last week - only to find out it was a 5.1 update. (Really?!?) I paid close to $700 for the phone in order to get timely updates and an unadulterated version of Android - and I really love the phone. Now I understand that phones are not meant to be supported forever and it appears from reading forums that the Samsung GPE phone has been a forgotten device, even amongst other GPE phones. Sad, as the phone is great and I can tell among the few people who do have them, they love it also.

But I did get a GPE phone for timely updates and I'm hoping to still get the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. I can't find any news that indicates that I should expect a Marshmallow update - ever. A "NO" would be better than this purgatory of not knowing. But I am wondering if there is a way to update the phone myself.. I've never done this before, but only because I haven't needed to. I know the phone was manufactured unlocked - which has to help the situation - and I've read about "mods", "rooting", ROMs, etc. I'm very technical and sure I could do it if the information is there for me to learn and the software exists.

Does anyone have any news about the phone being eventually updated or not? If not, can I get some information on the best places to find out how to update the phone myself to M? Or is it impossible to update this phone to M at this time as the required components do not exist?

Thanks in advance.

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