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Feb 12, 2012
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Choose servers that are closer to you. Buffering is a problem with the internet path, not the phone. It can happen on a dual-Xeon server too, if the server you're streaming from is heavily loaded, badly configured, a large number of hops from you, etc. If it's something known to be good (and YouTube sometimes buffers, so they're not 'known good'), do a speed test - go to in your web browser or use their app. If you have a large ping time or a slow download speed, if you're on wifi that's up to you and your provider to work out. If you're on mobile data it's up to your carrier. (And if you have 'unlimited data' "but after 22GB, you may experience slowdowns", or some wording like that from your carrier, the moment you hit that amount of data downloaded, you'll "experience slowdowns" so great that the internet is virtually useless for anything but email. No one gets totally unlimited mobile data.)