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Samsung S5e Tablet 4GB RAM vs 6GB RAM

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I am looking to purchase an S5e tablet as part of Black Friday and am torn between getting the 64GB version that comes with 4GB RAM and the 128GB version that has 6GB RAM. I'm not that clued up on tech specs so I was wondering how much of a difference the extra 2GB RAM will make?

I'll mainly be using it for browsing, watching videos and playing Football Manager Touch. Is it worth the extra £50 to get the extra strorage and RAM?

me just saying

Active member
Jul 18, 2015
I think it is worth it since I paid the extra :) It helps future proof the tablet if nothing else. apps are starting to use more and more of the tablet resources and it is always good to have a bit of extra.


Feb 23, 2011
For that little of a price difference, I'd definitely go with the better version with more memory and storage. The extra RAM will allow for better multitasking now (because it can keep more apps dormant but at the ready in memory to save on battery power), and future proof it more as Me Just Saying pointed out. Apps will only get larger and require more resources as they are updated.