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Samsung s7 edge black screen when phone locks

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My screen is playing up. When the phone becomes locked it goes black and won't come back on for hours. I have to keep pressing buttons to try and get it back on. If i keep the phone screen active its fine. Just as soon as it becomes locked it will stay black but i can still see the led lights on the phone. I've tried doing the power button and volume up^down/home button combos. None have worked. It also flashes greem sometimes when on. Please help xx


New member
Feb 10, 2018
Hi, in order to put my phone in safe mode i have to turn it off using the power key. So the screen will be blank when i go to turn it on again. It's been a few days since the problem started. Now the only way i can get the screen to come on is by pressing the power button (locking and unlocking the screen)many times.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
I wonder if the Power button is faulty, or if there's something else going on with the motherboard. Is the phone still under warranty?

You may also want to wipe the cache partition, which can be a helpful general troubleshooting step. But that also requires you to power the phone off, then boot back up. https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-28028


New member
Jul 23, 2018
I have exactly the same problem. Just last week, the phone will screen off randomly and unable to turn on. Although, it's still functioning under it (whatsapp web still worked ok).
Soft reset helps but only after 20 minutes of waiting and recurs again.
Until! I figured that perhaps keeping the screen ALWAYS ON might work.
So, I went to settings, display, screen always on
It seems to work so far, crazy. Hope it stays this way...

Hope this helps guys