Samsung S7 ........... the GB on my Phone are just GONE !!!!!!


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Jun 1, 2018
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I have the Samsung S7 Active phone , and it has 32GB

For some reason , it always shows that I have a Full Internal Storage of 31.8 GB

Yet, when I go to my Internal storage ( Apps + Videos + Photos + Audio ) It only shows a Total of roughly 8GB being in Use ( the Total of Everything combined )

Where is the other 24GB being " Used ' ?

I can't even take a Picture, without having to Delete a Picture ( due to it showing that my Internal Storage capacity is Maxed out at 31.8GB )

Are all of the Photos / Screenshots on my phone being Duplicated on their own , by some Setting I might have accidently turned on ?

Thanks so much for any and all Help

This has me Baffled and I just cant figure it out


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Feb 12, 2012
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"the Total of Everything combined" is "the Total of Everything you can see as a non-rooted user combined for the userdata partition", it has nothing to do with the total amount of internal storage in the phone.

Android storage is partitioned (the way a desktop with a single hard drive has "drives" C and D - it actually has partitions C and D on a single drive). The only partition available to the user is the one called userdata, and it's the one you see when you look at Storage (aside from the one called system that you can see some numbers on). A phone could be partitioned with one GB of userdata partition, so it would be useless, even though it had 256GB of total internal storage. You probably have about 24GB of userdata (I'm guessing - I don't have an S8 to look at) but however the storage is partitioned, you've used almost all of userdata. Since Google allows you to keep all your pictures in the cloud, you might try that, also back up all your texts and delete all but the most recent ones - do you really need a record on the phone of what everyone said last month? You could set your email to retain only one week - it's still stored on the email server, whether you keep it in your phone or not.

These days, if you really need everything on the phone at all times, you need at least 128GB internal storage. If you have 32GB, you're going to have to manage it better, deleting what you don't need immediately available. (You do keep everything important backed up at all times, right? After all, if, when you're crossing the street, someone turns a corner on 2 wheels, causing you to run to save your live, you drop your phone and the car drives over it, you've lost everything on the phone. Even if the phone should develop a glitch deleting all your data, you'll lose it all - unless you have it backed up somewhere else. And if it's backed up, and you don't need it all the time, delete it from the phone. (Eventually you'll still run out of space. It was nice when we finally got more than 1GB of userdata. That would be useless today. 32GB of total storage, even 32GB of userdata, will eventually become useless. No phone has enough storage to last for 10 years.)

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