Samsung S8 upgrade to Oreo - Excessive Battery Drain

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My Samsung S8 since last upgrade to Oreo was a complete disaster. Just to be clear battery life during Android Nougat was good and it was the first thing ive noticed that samsung completely stepped up their game since their battery disaster on their certain phone model. Battery life would run at least from a day to 2 before recharging. Ive noticed there are other threads similar to these so i knew im not the only one affected, my colleagues also experience similar issues since upgrading to oreo so this is not something isolated to my s8 phone.

Few key points that ive noticed since upgrading to oreo:
1. Going to settings then battery usage. Screen would be the foremost battery hog at 26%, followed by Android System at 13%, then Device Idle at 9-8%. Cell Standby and Android OS remains normal.
2. Go to Settings then App. Ive noticed by checking each one of the apps that beaming services, device maintenance, settings, gear vr services were among the ones that took up most of the battery usage this is excluding system apps like AASAservice, etc.
3. Go to settings then data usage. The Android OS is sending or receiving 100MB of data (still counting). I wanted to know what are these data that is worth 100MB.
4. Device easily gets hot even light use of facebook, ig or 7 minutes of youtube video.
5. It sometimes restart, this is rare but ive noticed it since fingerprint cannot be used initially when there's a restart.

Now what ive done so far:
1. Cleared partition cache by holding bixby btn, volume up and power.
2. Disabling unused apps, even certain bixby services, etc.
3. Went to developer option and disable always on mobile data.
4. Factory reset device hoping it would go back to nougat but it did not. With a mint condition reset, it still drain too much battery. (without any third part apps or data restore)
5. Called up samsung customer service but was told to go to service center. Went to service center they check the ASOC of battery (which i think is unrelated) and according to them reprogram oreo. which did not help. wasted my time.

Now what is the implication?
1. I need to charge my phone at LEAST twice a day.
2. It heats up the phone which would definitely have negative impact on the longevity of this device one way or another.
3. It drains too much battery, with the amount of charge discharge multiplied at least by 2, this will literally messed up the battery life in the long run.
4. Im currently using 2 phones and my samsung s5 which is a 4 year old phone had better battery life. lol. Since in just 3 hours it consume almost 40% of battery.

There are tons of related post like these on different forums and on reddit but i surmise i should dig more on this problem before writing a more concrete post. At this point, i can only see 2 remaining options: 1. There is a step online that would revert the OS back to nougat but this would involved third party apps like odin, there are risk involved like phone brick, etc. Im not sure if it will void the warranty. OR i can just wait for a patch from samsung.

Now SAMSUNG NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP or provide us a way to revert back to nougat. With the s9 just available at the market, this terrible oreo release could not come at better time. I know there are several issues like the battery issues with their previous note model and Apples intentionally slowing down their phone, Samsung got to fix this fast before this issue becomes a blowout and many people will start to notice.


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Nov 22, 2014
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It's always adviseable to factory reset a device after a major update. It's not ideal, but it is what it is. A lot of the issues sometimes is caused by leftover junk from the previous OS installation conflicting with the new one.

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