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Samsung s9 plus photo upload to imac

Wayne Clifford1

New member
Dec 5, 2018
Hi, I am totally frustrated with trying to upload my photos from the gallery of my s9 to my computer which is an IMAC using iPhoto app. I was able to upload easily with my 0lder s4 but not now. I have tried all the following methods,
1. Connecting to the iMac with usb cord and going to file transfer.
2. I have downloaded Android File transfer
3. I have downloaded Samsung Smartswitch
However none of these methods have worked and am still unable to connect and upload photos to my i-photo app.

It is extremely frustrating as the Camera on my s9 is fantastic and even I-PHONE users admire my results and are envious. However it is useless to me unless I can upload the photos to my i-photo app for storing and keeping them.
I only hope that someone can provide with an answer that works
Thanks in anticipation

Gayle Lynn

Well-known member
Jun 20, 2016
I have all my photos on OneDrive and Google so I can access them on iPhone, iPad Pro and Mac as well as S9. I find the Surface Laptop 2 to allow managing photo albums to off more options.

I've never liked but have tried using AFT and Smart Sync. But not since iOS 12.

I can copy photos on Galaxy to USC-C SD and plug the card into MacBook's USBC slot. Old sneaker net. Have not tried using USB connected to router, but that should allow access from everywhere.

Onedrive or Google also means continuous backups.