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samsung screen repaired in worse condition

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I had a screen burn which was repaired by samsung using express service. after a few days i managed to notice in the dark at night that there is another stain which is worse than the condition i sent it in. i sent it off for another repair.

does anyone know if i can get it replace by them as their screen repair service was terrible.

the worse is when i came across the stain by chance.


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Feb 12, 2012
In my experience (and from what Ive read from others), "their screen repair service was terrible" should be "their service is terrible". If you bother them enough (if the new new screen is also bad, send it back again, and keep doing it until you get a good screen), they'll probably mark you as "he won't stop until we do it right, so let's do it right".

Then turn the brightness down. I've noticed that a lot of people a lot younger than I am (so probably with a lot better eyes than mine) run the brightness up to 100% indoors. Granted, if the sun is shining on the screen, it's almost unreadable at 100%, but I run my screens at about 20% indoors (Google Assistant makes that accurate and trivial) and I can see the screen just fine when the sun is shining in the windows, lighting the room up. (And at 20%, the screen will probably never burn in.)