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I phoned Samsung support to be told that the tab (T820) does not support otg for audio via USB. Is there a way around this ?
I'm very surprised and disappointed if this is not possible.
Cheers, Pete.


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Jul 7, 2013
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Well, if it doesn't support it, it's at a hardware level so there wouldn't be a way around the limitation. I have this device but I'm not sure what your particular need/application is or if I have the ability to try to duplicate it on mine.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Audio via USB isn't OTG, it's a function added into a USB C connector so the manufacturer can save money on the 3.5mm jack. (And some of them go even further by not including the DAC in the phone, so the "audio" at the USB jack is digital, and the "adapter" has to have a DAC in it, making it a lot more expensive for us. (You can get an audio USB to 3.5mm adapter for under $5, an adapter with a DAC is $18 or more.)