Save the Farm - 3D Farm Simulator Game (by Gamio Entertainment)


May 3, 2020
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Save your farm from deadly monsters and aliens! Can you survive?

Save the farm is an amazing farming game where you need to fight aliens and monsters to save the animals in your farm till the delivery vehicles arrive. Kill deadly monsters to earn coins and protect the farm animals to win the farming game! Save the farm is the best free farm simulator 3D game for kids and all ages for unlimited entertainment and fun!
Customize your farm simulator game the way you want with new characters, vehicles, defence and weapon upgrades that would make your farming game gameplay more fun!

How to play the free farm game 2020 :

❓ Download to play the free farm simulator game
❓ Protect animals in farm to win the farm game
❓ Fight and kill monsters to save the farm
❓ Use on screen controls to move the character and attack the monsters before they kill your animals
❓ Plan strategies to trap monsters with new defence tools
❓ Kill deadly monsters to earn coins and save animals!
❓ Upgrade new powerful weapons to increase attacking power
❓ Unlock new levels and achievements by completing challenging farming game levels
❓ Customize your farm game with new characters and vehicles, the way you want.
❓ Upgrade larger shipment vehicles to deliver and protect more animals at a time
❓ Protect your farm animals till the shipment vehicles arrives
❓ Save as many as animals in your farm to win the farm simulation game!
❓ Create a high score and challenge your friends to play the save the farm game

Seems too easy? Don’t worry. We have hundreds of challenging levels, each more intense than the previous. With several weapons and defence strategies, protect your village town and animals from the dangerous monsters. Can you survive the battle?

Features of Save the farm – farm simulator game :

🍄 Best farming game 2020. Fight monsters and save the farm!
🍄 Hundreds of challenging farm game levels
🍄 Amazing HD graphic animations and sound effects to keep you entertained!
🍄 Easy on screen gaming controls with seamless gaming experience
🍄 Fight monsters and save the farm animals to win this save the farm game
🍄 Light gaming app with 3D farming simulator
🍄 The best arcade game for kids teens and all ages!
🍄 Play even without WIFI or internet connection with this offline farm game
🍄 Play the 3D farming game in any android smartphone or tablet
🍄 100% Free farm game. Unlimited game, unlimited fun!

Save the farm is an intense arcade game for kids and all ages. Kill the monsters and villains to show off your fighting skills! What are you waiting for?

⭐ Download Save the Farm game – the 3D farm simulator game for free NOW!
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