Scammers use customers identities to order phones


Feb 27, 2014
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Pay a close eye on your bill, scammers are using Verizon accounts to illegally get phones.
That sounds like an inside job by someone in the apt. leasing office. You have to give your SSN for them to do a credit check for a lease so I am sure that is where the crooks got the info from. Once you know someone's name, SSN and address, the cell carriers will treat you like you are the account owner.

I always hate having to give out my SSN for doctor/dentists and refuse. They only want it so they can turn you over to collections if you don't pay. They don't need it to file an insurance claim. I pay my bills so I am not worried about collections, but what I do worry about are the people who work in the doctor/dentist office and have access to it. Many are low paid workers and I have no idea if criminal background checks are done on them. And even if they are, many are women who could be in relationships with thugs who abuse them and they could be intimidated/beaten into stealing the info to give to their criminal boyfriends.

The doctors/dentist do not need your SSN for any purpose relating to medical care. It is useful to them only if they need to send collection agency after you or to ding your credit report if you don't pay the bill. While I can understand why they want it, I refuse to give it to them.


Feb 10, 2014
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I had a problem in February where my account was accessed without authorization and my Note 3 was removed and "upgraded" to my old Galaxy Nexus and my unlimited plan removed. I suspect someone upgraded my plan and got a new phone using my account and someone got a commission for getting me off the unlimited plan. I got nowhere with the fraud department even though I had the order number and the store number of the unauthorized access. After many calls, I did get my unlimited plan restored but still no fraud department interest in pursuing the account access issue.

I did change my password and check online regularly now.


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Jul 20, 2010
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This happened to me and my wife uncle. I caught mine the day after it was ordered so Verizon stopped the order. My wife uncle, the crook got the 2 phones, that's when they found out when their phones stopped working. After talking to Verizon he found out about it and also found out that the crook wasn't happy with 2 phones, they told Verizon that the phones didn't work and Verizon sent 2 more phones to them, and of course FedEx just delivered the phones. They just got a message from Verizon saying they need to return the 2 phones are will be charged, so sell still not done with it.

They order iPhone's. The crooks are using your online account to do this. This has to be inside job or Verizon is hacked, either way Verizon it's covering it up.

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May 30, 2011
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This is why its always a good idea to check your financial accounts including Verizon's frequently. I generally check all my stuff, banks, etc daily or at least every other day. Stay on top of things. Lots of fraud and ID theft going on everywhere and the internet makes it easy to do. Also, as mentioned above NEVER give out your SS info lightly. Doctors, dentists offices are not secure. When I was living in AZ a few years ago they used to use your SS number as your drivers license number. Gov't works slow but they finally quit that. Be aware, or be caught unaware. Common sense stuff works.

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