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Sep 23, 2013
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If there’s one thing I love more than two pockets, it’s having ten of them! I’m OCD when it comes to the contents of my pockets. I have to have my phone in my left jeans pocket, loose change in the right. Round the back I need to have my wallet in my right back pocket and my work pass in the left. That’s the way it’s always been, and my jeans have learnt to accept that.

That is until I received my SCOTTeVEST cotton hoodie – a simple design that’s changed the way I carry my goods.

This review is based on a large male SCOTTeVEST cotton hoodie, colour black.


Unwrapping the product, you’re met with a very basic black hoodie (on the surface that is) unzip the hoodie and you’re greeted by pockets galore. You have 10 very cleverly placed pockets, which for the most part I had no issues storing all my gadgets, keys, wallets, sun glasses etc. You have:

2 very large inside breast pockets, closed together with magnets for easy access. Both pockets have 2 compartments, totaling 4 pockets. I found this useful for holding my phone and ear phones in one side, and my wallet and sun glasses in the next.

You then have front hand warmer pockets, which have front and back compartments as well as a top drop feature; totaling 6 pockets. I found this useful for storing my car keys and loose change while keeping my hands free inside the hand warmer section.

Up at the neck, you have a couple of hoops for your ear phones to slot through – keeping them tangle free and out of sight – this feature I loved.


The Hoodie comes in two different versions; fleece and cotton. I reviewed the cotton one, which is made from 60% cotton 40% polyester. It’s warm and cool enough to wear in spring / summer / autumn, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to test the hoodie out in winter conditions. I live in Scotland, UK where we can have several different seasons in one day. The hoodie kept me dry and cool throughout my time using it.

The garment is well made, no loose threads or stitching, which should be expected for a hoodie that costs $80. Although the price is a tad expensive compared to your regular run of the mill hoodies, for your money you get a well crafted hoodie with awesome storage facilities, which trumps over any other hoodie I own.

Apart from the price I only really have one issue and it really isn’t an issue to be honest, I couldn’t fit my tablet in the pockets comfortably, which is fine – when you consider this is a hoodie and I shouldn’t really expect a 9 inch device to fit in it. Of course SCOTTeVEST have a solution for that, their Knowmatic Hoodie can easily hold a tablet as well as plenty of other gadgets.

20160629_215252.jpg 20160629_215418.jpg

For the two weeks I wore the hoodie, I commuted to work the most, I also went running with the hoodie and traveled too – on each occasion I realised that I needed 10 pockets in my life. While running my IPod touch was securely stored in the pocket, with my ear phones tucked away thanks to the small hoops at the neck. When travelling on a plane the hoodie managed to store my passport, boarding pass, loose change and a couple of snacks for the plane.

During my commute to work, I utilized all the pockets to the max, despite carrying my phone, wallet, work keys, work pass, car keys, bottle of water and some loose change it didn’t add much bulk to the hoodie. I didn’t feel the weight as the items were evenly distributed and concealed within the garment.

Even though the hoodie is designed to hold all your gadgets easily, I also found another really good use for the pockets. I’m a recently new father, my Son’s 8 months old now, I found the pockets really good for storing diapers, baby wipes, a baby cup as well as all my regular gadgets. So for the father and gadget enthusiast in me, this hoodie is the ideal travel companion.



SCOTTeVEST’s pocket galore cotton hoodie is a brilliant buy; it’s a sleek and comfortable hoodie, which can store all your gadgets easily. It’s basic in design, which I like; it’s durable while being light weight. I would have no doubt about recommending this product to anyone.

Very light weight
Good for all events; running / travelling / commuting
Warm and comfortable
Lots and lots and lots of pockets

My tablet doesn’t fit easily
A tad on the pricey side

The Tall Guy.
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