Scrambled (alien) noises during voice call. Call then drops: Samsung S7 UK Vodafone


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I recently moved from London to Nottingham and have started having problems with Voice calls on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Just before the move, my phone updated to Nougat... so I'm not sure if either of these things have a bearing or not. In addition, I have switched from BT Broadband to Virgin Media... the reason I list all these things is I have no idea why this problem has started.

When I call, or someone calls, the call initially is fine... but a few seconds (the timing varies), the noises changes to a screeching, unintelligible noises. Sometimes this would be temporary and the voice call would return to normal, but other times it persists and then the call drops.

I have returned the phone to Carphone Warehouse (Geek Squad) who has looked at the phone and could not find my fault... but it is clearly still there! The phone is unusable right now for voice calls.

I have tried various things myself, including switching to 2G only and various other things suggested by Vodafone support, as well as starting in Safe Mode... nothing seems to get rid of it...

I'm running out of ideas and things to search for and really want to avoid having to send the phone off again...

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Why are you talking to Vodafone support? Do they own Virgin Media? I thought it was Liberty Global. In any case, have you talked to Virgin Media about this?


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May 9, 2017
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IDENTICAL ISSUE! Samsung S7 in Nottingham. My partner has the same issue too. We also use Virgin Media at home and Vodafone on the handset. I've had the problem at home and away so assume it is Samsung or Vodafone related.

I went to Carphone Warehouse who said others had been back with the same complaint. Also, Vodafone store told me they'd returned several handsets to Samsung.

My S7 was sent away to Samsung, they reset it and updated the software. It's arrived back today and 4 calls out of 5 so far have had the issue. It began as an underwater sound, then mostly now it is an alien scrambled re-wind noise then the call disconnects.


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May 15, 2017
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I have had the same problem since early April. I am on Vodaphone and have used the Vodafone sim in two other handsets with out a problem.
I to am from Nottingham and My phone is just over 6 months old.
I have dealt with Samson direct and it's back with them for the third time.
They replaced the speaker 1st time and after the 2nd repair on their advise reset it again to factory reset only for the scrambled call problem to still be the same often taking several minutes before scrambling the call.
With this problem to the s7 edge and the note bursting in to flames.
I will think twice before opting for Samsung mobiles in the future.


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Mar 28, 2015
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I have the exactly same problem on my phone which is a Samsung on7 6 . i bought it in China and I am currently using it in France.

Randomly when I call I get this noise too after a few seconds of communication and then it shutdwon the call...

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