Screen brightness issue

Lucy Davies

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Mar 14, 2014
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My screen brightness is set to auto & it use to be bright & about right for me. But tonight the auto brightness seems to dim. I did turn it off at one point to see the screen but when I put it back to normal it seems dim. The only way to get it bright on auto is to put my phone under a light for a few seconds & the screen then lights up. Any idea how to get it back to how it was before?

S4 running 4.4.2 kitkat.

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Feb 12, 2012
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I use Velis Auto Brightness - you can change the curve a little, so it can set the screen closer to what you like. But screen brightness is one of the things I like least about cellphones - they're either too bright in dark rooms or too dim in sunlight. (And it's no longer my eyes - since my cataract surgery, I have 20/20 vision and good sensitivity.)