Screen capture and editing photos - Android 13 versus Android 11

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Feb 22, 2019
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I just bought a 2024 Moto G Play with Android 13. My "old phone" uses Android 11.

On the old phone - Android 11 - when I take a screen capture I can immediately crop and draw on the image -- pressing the pencil icon brings up a crop and a pencil tool. After modification I press Done and then Save. This saves the original screen shot and the marked-up/cropped screen shot.

In Android 13 when I take a screen shot and press the pencil icon it brings up the photo editor. To draw on the photo I now have to swipe over to "Markup" and then select from Pen, Highlighter or Text. After modifying the screen capture, I see only "Save copy".

Android 11 photo editing: Open a saved photo, crop, press Save, then select Save or Save as copy. There's the choice to overwrite the original photo so there's only one version saved.
Android 13 photo editing: Open a save photo, crop, only one choice: Save a copy. There's no way to overwrite the original photo, so both versions are saved.

Is there a way or an app that returns the way screen captures and photo editing worked in Android 11?

New phone: Moto G Play 2024
Old phone: Moto G Power 2020

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