Screen displays SAMSUNG logo....think it is stuck....been showing logo for hours

Michelle Martin2011

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Aug 29, 2013
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My AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is only 2 months old. It started turning itself on and off a couple weeks ago. I didnt have many apps added to the phone. I think I added like 10 total new apps, aside from what was already on the phone. Yesterday I was going through and uploading my pictures to my laptop using the USB and got all the pics transferred over. Once I disconnected the phone it shut off and attempted to restart. It has been stuck on the logo screen since yesterday. The battery died through the night and I plugged it in and it showed the battery screen as it charged. Tried to turn it back on and it gets stuck at the logo. Any suggestions? I have tried to reset it (volume up + power + home buttons)....just gets to logo screen and thats it. Thanks for any help.

Scott Kenyon

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Apr 2, 2011
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Welcome to AC Michelle! See if you can get it into download (Odin) mode. If so, search for a guide on how to flash the factory image onto the device using Odin. It's really easy to do. Basically you download Odin, the Samsung USB driver that you probably already have, and the image file. Use Odin to flash the file to your phone and it should be good as new. If not, there's a hardware issue and you need to contact your carrier to get a new phone. Hope this helps!

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