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Mar 30, 2014
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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm a current iPhone 4s owner who is possibly looking into switching to android for various reasons; HTC One M8 to be exact when it becomes available for AT&T. I do have a general questions about screens. My iPhone screen is solid and cannot be flexed. It's rock hard glass and I love that. I also notice this on the Note 3, Moto X and various Motorola droid phones; maybe S4 too. BUT, the HTC One, M8 has a bit of give when pushed with any kind of force. I do not like that and is typically the first thing I check when I play around with a phone. Nexus 5 has a bit of give/flex too. I don't like seeing the 'waves' or whatever you call it when pressure is placed on a screen. I have small kids who play with my phones, so I want it to withstand the force they sometimes put on it when playing games. I guess my question is why do some phones have this flex to it's screen? the M8 has gorilla glass, so why would it have any give to it?

And, how am I to tell which phone screens are solid glass that doesn't flex vs. glass that does flex when reading the specs?? I know it sounds stupid, but this is important to me.

Hope I described it correctly and didn't confuse you all. Thanks in advance for any help.

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