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Screen Has GREEN&RED Streaks Across HELP!.

Ariana 3

New member
Sep 25, 2013
My Evo LTE's screen is shot (not completely) when I unlock my phone the screen stays black with white streaks across it for a brief 3 seconds then my phone content will show up BUT with now red and green thick lines across the screen AND the screen toner looking really dull (orange)
I've taken it to sprint and the jaskasses didnt even want to have a tech look at it.
someone tell me the cause of this,what it is & and if I should raise hell to the sprint store if it can be easily fixed by them. (& I've avoided keeping my phone in my back pocket because that
s how I bent the old one, so I don't think it was because of pressure)
I know issues like these happen with laptops after such a long time so dont give me the runaround that the phone is mistreated,
thanks in advance for a reply


Jul 19, 2013
Hi Ariana, welcome to Android Central! Are you w/in your warranty or do you have insurance on your phone? If so it may b worth looking into a warranty or insurance claim. It does sound like screen may be damaged.


New member
Jul 23, 2013
Sounds like a faulty lcd, you can take it to sprint and have it replaced or if you still on warranty pay a $50.00 fee and get the phone replaced, it'll be a refurbished device, if you have tep you can fill out a claim and get a brand new phone... Or try to run a RUU, what version are you on? Latest is 3.16..

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