Screen problem after dismantling Archos 101 g9 - the lights are on but......!


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Dec 7, 2013
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I really hope someone can help here as I have had my first foray into the inner workings of my Archos 101 g9 after the micro usb / charging port broke off (a not unfamiliar problem as I have now discovered after reading numerous posts here and elsewhere).
Anyway thanks to a post on another forum I successfully managed to charge the batteries, initially by just connecting the charger wires (having cut off the micro usb connector) directly to the battery contacts & then following instructions to wire up the standard usb port (used for the 3g stick) to the batteries and charge through that (having first taped up the ribbon connector). A multimeter indicates that approx 5v (as expected) is getting through to the batteries however having now connected up the screen again when I press the power button the power light comes on and the screen lights up (dimly, as it always used to immediately prior to the Archos logo appearing) but then does not show anything at all. I have tried the volume+/power reboot to no avail and would really appreciate any thoughts as to what might be going on here and how I can set about fixing it (or ideas on whether a screen replacement would help and if not as a last resort any way in which I could get the data off it given that I no longer have a micro usb connector?)
Many thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice.