Screen shows that battery is drained but phone only vibrates when charging (LG L70)

Pera Peric

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Feb 18, 2016
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So I had storage issues and I had to do a factory reset because apps were crashing due to lack of storage space. Did a factory reset everything went well, rooted my phone checked with root checker everything was fine. Then I decided to install Cyanogenmod 13 so I had to unlock bootloader. Tried to do that and I had some problems with that (pc didn't recognize my phone). After several tries I restarted my phone and then he just started vibrating with black screen. Tried everything cleaning the power button smacking the phone a bit etc. nothing worked. Left the phone vibrating until battery drained. Plugged it in and it just started vibrating all over again. When I hold power and volume up phone stops vibrating for a few seconds and the it starts again. When I plug it in without the battery screen shows battery missing message so I don't it's a screen issue. I'd appreciate if someone can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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