Screen turns on and off while plugged in, Also wont power Down. What do I do?


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Screen turns on and off while pluged in, Also wont power Down

Hello all, My phone is a Sony Xperia Z Ultra, had it for a while and it just started to act up.

1. when plugged in to charge, the screen goes of like it should, until it hits 87% then the screen turns on and it connects, then reconnects, even manually turning off screen results in the screen coming back on.
2. the second issue i have is that it will not power down. once i relized the first problem i tried to turn phone completely off and charge it, so it goes to the boot screen (like the bios menu on a computer) and it just constantly re boots through it . and holding power button does not seam to turn it back on.

Any Help?


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Apr 1, 2016
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Re: Screen turns on and off while pluged in, Also wont power Down

Hi there,
I would try to do a software repair using PC Companion if I were you and hope that it do fix it.
If not then there maybe something wrong with the hardware (USB port) I guess.
I am totally speculating so don't take my words for granted but definitely do the software repair.
Good luck.

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