Screen won't "wake up" anymore after receiving text or email


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Jun 24, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ ... issue is occurring on my wife's phone as well as mine ever since the January update.

I can't get the screen to wakeup automatically when receiving a text or email. It used to auto wake the screen when I received both of these types of notifications. Now it stays on the AOD screen and it just shows the app icon on the AOD telling me I have a notification. This is extremely annoying.

2nd problem I use google messages for texting and gmail for my email and before whenever I got a text the phone would wake and go to the lock screen and show a preview of the text. Now it just stays on the Always On Display (A.O.D.) screen and only shows the little text icon on the A.O.D. It doesnt automatically wake the phone and go to the lock screen like it did before.

Also, edge lighting no longer works on the A.O.D. for pretty much every app. It worked before this update and now it wont show up when the phone is off/on the A.O.D. screen. It definitely worked before the update.............I've tried using different text apps and different email apps but nothing has worked.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. No fix. I even did a full factory default reset and that did nothing either.......


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Apr 15, 2020
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Ouch. Hate things like that which is one of the reasons I might never let Q load.
Check notifications and all power settings including any global switches for power optimization/management.
This may be a Samsung goof up...
Disable any carrier power management software.

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