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Hi, a couple months ago I downloaded a game on my Galaxy S5 (PUBG Mobile, to be specific). I downloaded this I'm pretty sure very early in the game's development cycle, and when I launched the game it took forever to load, crashed my phone, rebooted my phone, and then my phone would restart every 10 seconds. So I used ODIN to recover my phone since no person can type in a password and factory reset their phone in 10 seconds, let alone the keyboard wouldn't even show up until half my time was gone. Anyways, the phone works fine now but there's an issue with my SD Card: I used to be able to repartition it to make some be identified as internal storage to the phone, and another partition that I could put music on and store photos on; I can't do this anymore. Using diskmgmt.msc on my Windows PC shows 3 partitions: a 19 GB partition that has the music and photos (I can still access this on the phone and PC), a 16 MB partition, and a 40 GB partition that does not show up on my phone's storage options. If I try accessing the 40, Windows tells me I need to format the disk, and it fails every time, even a formatter from says it failed the format. I have backed up data from the card, and I just want to know if I've exhausted all my options because it would suck to buy another 64 GB card (since I feel that is more than enough to throw as many games on there, though there's probably a bit of irony in this statement). Any thoughts as to how to fix it? Or am I just out of luck?


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May 11, 2018
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Also, it seems that the SD card is now read-only. I can listen to music and view photos on my SD card, but now my photos are saving to my internal storage, and I can't move my pictures over to my SD card. I also tried deleting my Contacts.vcf in the root of the card from my laptop and that did not work either. Going into Windows Explorer, I see 3 drives that appear when I put in my SD card. The D: drive is the partition I can access, and I'm assuming E: and F: are the other two partitions. This is what I get when I do chkdsk on all three:

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