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GN4 Repl. Battery Holdouts, Would you buy a GN10 if/because it had a replaceable battery?

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Nov 11, 2014
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POLL: Are you holding onto your GN4 because it's the last replaceable battery model and would you buy a GN10 if it had a replaceable battery?


RANT: In case Samsung monitors any of this (Hello, Samsung?). I love my GN4 - First phone I really "took" to & I use the S-pen every day. I had one of the 1st GN4's my local Verizon store received, having been anxiously awaiting them and nursing along my old phone w/a cracked screen since seeing a friend's GN3 and immediately knowing, because of the stylus, it was what I'd always hoped for in a phone & everything I'd ever dreamed of in a Palm Pilot:). My expectations have been exceeded!

I probably would've bought some combo of GN5, 7, 8, & 9 (if not all, for me AND my employee) if it weren't for the sealed battery (and memory on GN5). IF I WANTED AN iPhone SAMSUNG, I'D BUY ONE!!! Did the GN7 disaster not teach a very expensive lesson? How much $/goodwill did that cost vs. just replacing the batteries? I've never seen people clamoring for phones with the sealed battery "feature," but it's been shoved down our throats and other than planned obsolescence, I haven't seen a good argument (please, someone convince me it's better & I'll buy a GN9 &/or 10).

I realize that if I were to buy a new phone every 18 mos., the battery life cycle might not be a problem, but like with PC's 20 years ago we've passed the point where phones are technically obsolete every 1-2 years (I'm on a heavily used, perfectly good 4 y/o GN4 now) and the improvements are marginal.

Regardless, it's the principal & I'd like the option to keep a phone or pass it to my kids, so to ensure future sales, IMHO the manufacturers just built in obsolescence by way of sealed batteries - Brilliance! The free market, in response, came out with power packs for those who carry a spare battery when traveling &/or to combat batteries wearing out, so sealed batteries have cost the manufacturers untold $ in battery sales & probably not generated the new unit sales expected. Hard to tell there as the market is maturing regardless.

Please, tell me where I'm wrong. I've played with GN9's. They have sex appeal and I'm sure it do things that I don't even know that I "need:)," but I'm going to hold out as long as I can.

I will commend Samsung for seeing the err in their ways and going back to a memory card slot in the GN7 and for retaining the audio jack on the GN9. I'm willing to pay for those features & I hope they carry over to the GN10 (I hope there IS a GN10). PLEASE, use those same principles and go back to a replaceable battery on the GN10! It'd be yet ANOTHER way to differentiate the GN line. GN users are already a different breed I believe, and will not punish you and will likely reward you for the decision & you may even pick up customers who see it as the only non-sealed battery option. Personally, I'd even give up a LITTLE battery life to have a replaceable battery.

Maybe I'm completely wrong. Obviously not many GN4 holdouts left on here & now that Samsung has quit making new batteries, the battery issue may be ultimately be my GN4's downfall. I've installed a new screen & new charging port & Otter Box warrantied my case but only had fluorescent green left, which I kinda like:). Helps make it easier to find.

Hopefully someone, anyone, but especially Samsung, reads my rant:).

Has anyone had any luck with any particular aftermarket GN4 battery?


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Jan 17, 2016
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There are many ppl who want the replaceable battery back but I doubt it will ever happen. The trend is toward totally sealed, wireless devices these days. It was so handy to just pop the spare battery into the phone after heavy use and carry on with your day huh...
FM radio, Bluetooth blaster and other useful features have been removed also..
Only option these days is get the Samsung dealer to replace the battery when required. I usually get the battery case for my devices, these give longer life and make the thin phones wake easier to handle with my gnarly fingers. The Note devices may be a bit big for this option tho...

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