Question SEBBE 11in Android13 tablet "SD card missing"/ apps disappearing


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Mar 11, 2012
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Hi there,

My name is Jeff. Old account, but new question/issue and I'm wracking my brain.

I'm hoping someone can advise or assist. I'm very frustrated right now with this, and as I'm currently dealing with some ongoing health issues, I'd like to resolve this if possible and be able to use these for some distraction.

Needing a new tablet as an easier tool besides my cell phone that I already use more as a computer than a phone, I purchased an off-brand one a few weeks ago from Amazon that had the specs I desired. Reviews were good, price was good so I purchased.

Tablet was capable of 1tb added storage, so I purchased a class 10 1tb card while I waited for the tablet. Tablet arrived, migrated a copy of my old tablet onto the new successfully. Formatted the new card successfully(I opened it) to the tablet as internal storage (internal or portable are my 2 options), Card showed on file search as sd card and listed the storage as 1tb. I migrated many of the apps that can be moved to the sd to it and that was successful.

I had to restart the tablet and when I did, the tablet pulled a prompt upon startup saying "SD card missing, Insert again.". I removed the SD card, put it back in and it didn't recognize it being there. The apps were shaded on the screen and didn't resolve. If you clicked on any, they said not available. If you went into the files again, selected the SD car rather than internal, it showed the card and the files were listed (images, video, apps, etc) but you could not open any. Apps would say no apps.

Never had that issue with any other Android device I've had over the years, and all have had cards added to them, so I contacted Amazon and was suggested to return it for a refund (which I did).

Decided to go to another "brand" (probably made in the same factory ,as most are), completely different tablet:

Sebbe 11in octacore tablet. 256gb rom/16 gb ram. 2ghz processor. Storage to 1tb. Again, good reviews.

Same routine as the first one. Seems smooth, wiped and reformatted the SD card. Similar issue. This time, you can open videos and images on the card but the app issue is the same. It also does the same thing with power off/on or restart, saying SD is missing.

In case it was a faulty card, I've also used known smaller cards (16gb and 64gb) that I've used perfectly fine on other Android devices and had the same issue.

I've written to the company but have heard nothing and don't expect to, but was asked to do so by Amazon before we go through the return again. I really don't want to return it, as it would suit my needs and from what I've been able to test, works great for everything other than the SD card issue. However, I need that to work, and it should.

At this point, I'm at a loss, other than these off-brand ones have an inherit issue that I'm going to keep running into and it's time to move on. I've had other off-brands in the past (the last working one was and lasted years), but maybe now it's just an issue I can't overcome. I haven't seen this mentioned on web searches for these 2 brands or in any reviews.

Hoping someone more in the know may have something useful I can look into or try.


Laura Knotek

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Jan 8, 2011
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Hi Jeff. Unfortunately, that tablet is one typically bought from Aliexpress and resold by a third party seller on Amazon. Aliexpress products are typically garbage. Your best option is to return it for a refund and purchase a tablet from a well-known manufacturer and a reputable seller (Amazon itself, not a third party seller) or from another reputable company.

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