Seeking a light weight extended battery for Galaxy S5 phone, please help me?


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Hello everyone, I need your help with information. I have a Galaxy S5 Phone and I am seeking a light weight battery or battery case. I just purchased the Zerolemon 8500MaH battery + case and I am really upset about the total weight of the phone. I'll tell you this, the battery is perfect, as promised it's 3X the charge of the stock 2800MaH battery, I don't even mind the bulky case...but i am very upset with how the phone weighs a ton and tough on the wrists.

I am seeking either a battery or a case that is VERY lightweigh. Can anyone please help me? Maybe a combination of a charge case and a better battery? like say a 3500mah or a 4000mah? Any help is appreciated, the cost is not as important as finding the right balance for me...I want that better battery life but to add as little phone weight as possible.


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Aug 26, 2013
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You should be able to find lower capacity batteries than that. Unfortunately the cases are going to have to be custom made for that, so your selection is limited to the one that they sell most of the time.

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